Your Child’s Day With Us

Leap of Faith Preschool Curriculum includes Chapel along with:
• Arts and paper projectsman-857943_640
• Reading • writing • mathematics
• Computer lap sessions
• Counting, numbers and shapes
• Corloring between the lines
• Music Center
• Recreation Grounds
• Science
• Social Studies
• Sorting and categorizing
• World languages
• Reading: uppercase and lowercase alphabet A to Z letters

• Recognition sounds
• Rhyming words and word families
• Writing
• Math: Numbers 1 to 100
• Days of the week, month and year
• Five Senses: Smell, Taste, Hearing, Sight and Touch
• Colors
• Puzzles
• Painting by numbers
• Storytime

Your child will also be using some of the most state of the art learning tools made. Follow the link below to see what we have in store for your little one.